GT Radial Casings Among the Best, Says Southern Tire Mart

GT Radial Casings Among the Best, Says Southern Tire Mart

John Estes, plant manager of Southern Tire Mart in Lubbock, TX, has seen his share of casings over the past 20 years -- and he considers GT Radial to be among the best in the market today.

“For years, GT Radial truck tire casings have demonstrated to be very durable, dependable and retreadable. Their level of rejection and scrap is much lower than average and the level of completion is way above the leading brands," he says. "We definitely find the GT Radial casings among some of the best in the market today."

Southern Tire Mart, LLC (STM), the largest independently owned commercial tire dealer and retread manufacturer in the U.S., operates 16 Bandag facilities and 54 commercial service locations in eight states throughout the South Central United States.

Southern Tire Mart’s location in Lubbock has been a loyal distributor of GT Radial truck tires for more than five years and processes well over 1,000 GT Radial casings annually in their retread plant.

GT Radial truck tires, which are manufactured and marketed globally by GITI Tire, are reliable, strong in fuel economy and retreadable. There is a broad line-up of long haul, regional and mixed service GT Radial truck tires available to North American trucking fleets and owner-operators.